Carl Thomas

Molassesêr challenged residences to showcase their creativity this year. The theme was “Video Killed the Radiostar.”

According to Blaine Josephs, chairperson of the SRC culture committee (KuKo), the idea came from an episode of Rupaul’s Drag Race.

“The simplest way to break down the theme would be to consider it as‘Reality TV meets Broadway’ or ‘Life is a Cabaret’.”

The Molassesêr finals was presented in Kleinsêr format: a judged and non-judged performance at the Conservatorium Amphitheatre and Wilgenhof’s Quad respectively.

The judged performance kicked things off with Huis ten Bosch, focusing on a subtheme titled ‘Keeping Up With The Trumps’. The crowed went wild with the innuendos and songs showcased by Huis ten Bosch, especially when they sang Ronan Keating’s classic ‘Trump says it best when he says nothing at all’.

Dagbreek sent everyone into their Camp Rock days with ‘Introducing Me’ and also taught everyone a valuable lesson: do not fall in love over the phone, because the person on the other end might just be slightly different looking than his or her profile photo.

Wilgenhof presented ‘The Bachelor’ with participants Christofina and Phillipina. All the bachelor wanted was a ‘brande to his wyn’ and a ‘koek to his sister’. Huis Francie van Zyl decided to take everyone on a flight this year on Francie AirLines (FAL).

No pun intended with that abbreviation as their plane crashed in the middle of nowhere, leading them to an amazing spectacle of technological innuendos and musical performances. Some of the other performances included Majuba’s ‘heal the Cape, make it a wetter place’, Hippokrates Dames’s Honey Boo Boo and Metanoia’s cartoon nostalgia. Serruria featured Boer Soek ʼn Vrou.

In the end Huis Francie van Zyl walked away as the champions in the women’s category and Hippokrates in the men’s.

“We are ecstatic about our victory and everyone from Hippokrates is walking around with smiles,” said Ruhann Botha, Molassesêr leader of Hippokrates.

Botha added that they are very proud to continue with their two-year winning streak.